Successful Adoptions in 2009

SIRA's Kyo, now Nikko, adopted by Steve and Julie! SIRA's Max with his new family Joseph, Nidia and Shakita! SIRA's Louis, now Baxter, with his new parents Samantha and Kyle!
SIRA's Akira (right) with her new brother, Ichiro! SIRA's Yukai (left) with his new dad,  John, and brother, Boscoe! SIRA's Shino adopted by Stephanie!
SIRA's Shiro with his new family Michelle, Michael, Evan & Breaden! SIRA's Taro with his new parents Tracy & Kyle! SIRA's Kisa, now Kisha, with her new parents Sarah and Adam!
SIRA's Takara adopted by Nick! SIRA's Hiro adopted by Dan! SIRA's Kumiko (bottom left) with her new brothers Brady & Louie!
SIRA's Alice with her new sister Leila! SIRA's Byakko, now Hachiko, with his new parents Abby and Sam! SIRA's Genbu, now Jude, with his new parents Nick and Lindsey!
SIRA's Axl, now Kuma, (right) with his new sister Kitsune and parents Jack & Beth! SIRA's Shika, now Suki, adopted by the Bekofske family! SIRA's Nori (right) with her new mom Beth and brother Nicolas!
SIRA's Pumba (right) with his new sister Niki! SIRA's Nanaki, now Brinkman, adopted by the Bologeorges family! SIRA's Nami adopted by Stephanie!
pumba nanaki

Not Pictured

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